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Tomaso Noseda

Right from the moment Tomaso Noseda first set up the business in the thirties, he enjoyed a privileged and exclusive relationship with well-to-do Milanese families looking for a holiday home in Brunate, a picturesque hillside holiday retreat 800 metres above sea level, overlooking Lake Como, the ideal place to escape the stifling heat of Milan in the summer months.

Nestled within the enchanting mix of Brunate’s villas and luxury hotels, was Mr Noseda’s small office where he would give a warm, discreet and respectful welcome. The needs of these selected and selective clients were met with a discrete, tailor-made and personalised service. Mr Noseda’s well-mannered, attentive ways gained him the respect and loyalty of a growing number of clients.

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The increasing success of the business led the Noseda family to move to a larger, town-based office in via Grassi. Having a storefront office with a shop window was revolutionary at the time. Such a forward-thinking move was the brainwave of Tomaso’s son Salvatore who instinctively understood the need to make contact between the family and clients easier and more immediate. Once inside the office, all resemblance between a shop and an office ended – indeed the interior of the office was more like a welcoming and cosy living room where meetings with clients could take place in a convivial and relaxed atmosphere. Such surroundings encouraged communication – the focus was on talking about and, most of all, listening to the client’s needs: “Placing the client at the forefront of everything we do” is a family motto, almost a mantra, still firmly believed in and adhered to by Paolo and Stefano, the third generation of the family business.

The continued success of the business led to the opening of a second office overlooking the historic Piazza Volta in the very heart of Como. This office has various facilities, including meeting rooms and discreet areas for private conversations, and a novelty in the real estate brokerage business; the provision of an architectural design service for clients. This service was offered in person by Salvatore Noseda, known fondly as “l’Architetto” by family, friends and clients alike, a man renowned for his professional talent and human touch. The boom years in the property market in the ’90s brought new clients on the scene from the worlds of sports and entertainment. Thereafter, many clients came from the word of industry and business; with prominent industrial magnates seeking elite real estate consulting and a bespoke interior design service for both their personal use and for business and entertaining needs. It’s been a fascinating journey with many different walking companions along the way. The Noseda family’s experience of brokering exclusive properties is that it is a field which reflects the mutable nature of society while at the same time the immutable need to enjoy personal success by investing in upmarket property, or simply to find a fitting place to call home.


2-Noseda Salvatore

Arch. Salvatore Noseda

The journey taken over the years by Noseda Immobiliare is mirrored by the life of Salvatore Noseda, the architect who left indelible footprints on the real estate sector until his death in 2009. Those lucky enough to have met him felt personally enriched by having known him: He had an impressive breadth of knowledge and experience of his field which he gained by a hands-on approach to work. And he was such a dedicated, hard-working professional with a down-to-earth, can-do attitude that he was inspiring. He was an excellent listener; always willing to question his own beliefs and respectful of others’ opinions – qualities sadly lacking in the modern world.

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He was not fond of intricate mind games or refined verbal sparring, preferring upfront, honest and straightforward social interaction.
He was in the enviable position of being able to select his clients, while astutely giving the impression that he was being chosen by the client. Always one step ahead, it was he who ran the show. He would often end a conversation with a nostalgic, wistful comment:.. “My father would agree a house sale with nothing more than a simple handshake, and that’s getting harder and harder to do every day now”. Despite the difficulties, he was always faithful to this philosophy, displaying complete honesty and transparency in all his business dealings. One thing that he could never be accused of is being an over-developer: “Why build something new?” He would ask, “We have all these wonderful old buildings that need renovating…”. (Sandro Vaghi, Edilizia Lariana, no. 2, February 2010)


Paolo e Stefano Noseda

Paolo and Stefano joined the business 30 years ago. They honed their professional skills by going to meetings, sitting in on negotiations, and learning the ins and outs of their grandfather and father’s profession. And all under the watchful eye of their guide and mentor, their father Salvatore. Responsibilities are shared: Paolo, who has been a qualified professional since 1982, promotes, coordinates and sets business objectives as well as dealing with financial and commercial aspects of the business.

Stefano, a law graduate and professor, is in charge of the legal side of the business, ensuring procedures are all above board, fast, transparent, and conform to standards and regulations. This combined know-how and skills have led to the brothers becoming opinion leaders in the business. They have built up an impressive portfolio of expertise with their vast understanding of places, types of investment, problematic issues, forward planning, costs, procedures and prospects. They are consummate professionals who analyse and understand the market perfectly and can communicate this knowledge effectively to their clients.