COMO – A home is part of a person’s story. This belief encapsulates the philosophy running through the real estate company set up by Tomaso Noseda in the thirties, in Como, and it seems to have stood the test of time.  A philosophy passed down from generation to generation, first to Tomaso’s son, Salvatore, and in turn to his sons, Paolo and Stefano, who are now in the driving seat, sharing responsibilities with their father. Working with passion has always been the distinctive key ingredient of this successful real estate business right from the word go, first in Lake Como, and then around the world. We met the Noseda brothers in their beautiful office in Piazza Volta, which is well worth a visit. Forty-five-year-old  Paolo, who is one year older than his brother, for once leaving to one side their usual discretion, talks passionately about their work: ‘What’s fundamental for us is to go beyond the concept of a simple property deal. The guiding principles instilled in us by our father and grandfather are at the core of everything we do and mean we can offer our clients a complete and trusted service which pays meticulous attention to every single detail.

Indeed, the Nosedas apply almost sartorial skills to each property deal they are involved in, not least in the cordial welcome reserved for clients looking for professional advice and know-how.  Whether a client is looking for an apartment or a fairytale villa, he or she will receive an extremely professional and personalised service from the brothers.  As Paolo points out, they take care of every detail in person, ‘Each client expects and gets high professional standards, full transparency and can count on the fact that we keep our promises.  We see it as our duty to guarantee such service, irrespective of whether a deal is closed or not. Establishing and maintaining  a good rapport and meeting clients’ requirements are values which are priceless. Dedicating the necessary time to each client is fundamental and we are more than repaid for such efforts by our clients’ evident sense of appreciation for, and their trust in us’. This way of working has brought the Nosedas far beyond Como and its surroundings, as they are now a reference point in the worldwide real estate market for legal consultancy, premium property investments and for interior design as well.

There’s no point asking the Nosedas to reveal the magic formula of their success, as the answer is complex.  ‘The secret is to carefully cultivate relationships’ explains Stefano, ‘and try to satisfy the client’s needs and desires when looking for a property.  We need to take into account more than just the financial aspects of a sale, but also the client’s wishes for change and harmony in their new home’. This is a key tenet for both Paolo and Stefano clearly shown by the hundreds of updated publications to do with homes to create a bespoke property for the prospective owner. From the USA to the UK, from France to Australia, many celebrities from the world of cinema and showbiz have come to their office in Piazza Volta looking for their dream home or just for a brief stay on Lake Como.  Can we get the Nosedas to drop the names of some of their famous clients?  It’s out of the question, the Nosedas take pride in their discretion and respect for their clients’ privacy. Yet newspaper reports abound, without ever receiving official confirmation from the Nosedas themselves, of VIP clients such as: the German-born Inter-Milan centreforward, Jurgen Klinsmann; the famous actor Eric Estrada who starred as “Poncharello”, in CHIPS; Arnold Schwarzenegger; Madonna; Sylvester Stallone etc. 

Add to the list the prince of the United Arab Emirates who set up homes in Faggeto Lario: one villa for himself and one for his various wives.  It’s not only VIPS who look to the Nosedas in search for the ideal property: various professionals, managers, business magnates and captains of industry have found their dream home thanks to the Piazza Volta-based firm. Every client can vouch for the Nosedas’ reliability.  ‘The one thing all our clients have in common, though, is the conviction that Como, with its lake and surrounding mountains, is unique’ we are told by Paolo and Stefano.  So much so that the Nosedas are prepared to make some very positive predictions for the future of Lake Como: ‘This is just the start of a trend which began in the eighties. George Clooney buying a house here isn’t a one-off,’ according to a very confident Paolo.  And if the Nosedas say so, it’s bound to be true.




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